SDMAP Benefits

How Members Benefit

Why participate in SDMAP? There are a number of reasons.

Municipal emergency services in Edmonton and Strathcona County appreciate the specialized knowledge and skills that industries have at their plants. These agencies can rely on the industrial emergency response plan to take a leading role in dealing with an incident at an industrial site. Also, industry can be called on to assist emergency services in mitigating incidents involving the industry’s products (or similar product) elsewhere within the district–such as a dangerous goods spill.

From the industries’ point of view, they benefit from the combined resources that are available.

SDMAP is Prepared

At any minute, day or night, SDMAP can initiate an emergency response. Members work year-round to coordinate emergency response plans, identify resources and practice for emergencies.

Everyone who lives and works in the East Edmonton-Strathcona County region benefits from SDMAP.

Community Outreach

The primary goal of SDMAP is to plan for and test emergency response readiness. SDMAP also reaches out to inform about the dangers and safety measures specific to industrial products.